Equipment in presentation rooms

South Campus:

All rooms are equipped with PCs with Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2016, VLC, LibreOffice 5.1.4, and Adobe Reader DC.

Projector resolution is at least 1024x768 with 4:3 format.

The connection with the projector is VGA, but we will have some spare HDMI-VGA, Displayport-VGA and DVI-VGA adaptors, but we encourage the presenters to bring their own dongle if they suspect the connection might be not compatible.

Some spare laser pointers will also be available.

North Campus:

All rooms have PCs with Windows 7, Adobe Reader DC and VLC, but the software versions of Office differ a bit:

Aula Màster (A3 building) - 1024 x 768 / office 2010 

Sala Actes and Auditori (both in Vèrtex building) Office 2013 
Àgora (C3 building) - Office 2016 

The resolutions of the projectors are:

Aula Màster (A3 building), Àgora (C3 building), and Auditori (VX building) - 1024 x 768 
Sala Actes (VX building)- 1280 x 800 

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